Eighth Beef

Eighth Beef

An eighth provides a sampling of many different beef cuts in quantities that will fit in your kitchen freezer.

Most of the year we provide an “eighth beef equivalent” which is the same quantity of beef, but it may come from more than one animal.  During the late-summer harvest season we can fill your order with beef from one specific animal.  Orders are typically delivered within two weeks.

Each cut is individually vacuum sealed and frozen.

Steaks (25%)          Average Weight (lbs)
Bottom Round           2
Denver                       1
Delmonico                 1
Flat Iron                     1
London Broil              1
New York                   2
Ribeye                        2
Shoulder Tender        1
Sirloin                         1
Tenderloin                    1

Roasts (17%)
Brisket                        2
Chuck Roast              3
Shoulder Roast          3

Bone-in and Stew (11%)
Short Ribs                  2
Stew Meat                  1

Ground (47%)
Ground Beef              21 

Total Weight:    45 lbs
Total Price:       $537.00